Pay-It-Forward #1 Little Lady Sunhat

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the Sunhat I made my baby cousin before giving it away and leaving her. I’m known for doing that. Thankfully my cousin Anna is amazing and took some pictures of her daughter wearing the hat! 🙂 So without further ado, here is baby Lakyn modeling her Little Lady Sunhat!

baby sunhat

How adorable is she?! She just turned 8 months too on Easter Sunday. So big!

I used Lindsey Niezgocki’s Little Lady Sunhat pattern which I found via Ravelry.

I used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in Crown Jewels with a 4.75mm hook.

It was super easy to follow and make. I made it big on purpose so that it will, hopefully, fit her all summer long. She’s a fast grower.

Also this is my first completed Pay-It-Forward gift! I was excited about that too. I hope to have my second one done soon and I’m brain storming about the others.

I also finished two things for myself! That’s huge because I rarely make myself anything. I’ll write about that most likely tomorrow after I take some pictures tonight.


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