Back Home

I’m back home!!! I’ve actually been back since Saturday evening but there was no time to write a post what with all the Easter things going on. This post is just to basically say that I’m home. Naturally I forgot to take a picture of the sunhat I made my cousin so I’m waiting for a picture from her mother and when I get that I’ll have a nice post about it. Also I didn’t take ANY pictures while I was visiting home! šŸ˜® Such a shock because I love pictures. All I really did was play a few games of Monopoly with my youngest sister Eden, watch my older younger sister (does that make sense?) Marissa get a tattoo (her third and she’s only 19!), and hang out with my cousin Anna’s new baby Lakyn. Also figured out that Eden is now taller than me which makes me the shortest of the 4 siblings šŸ˜¦ But I’m still taller than my mom (by an inch!) and that’s all that matters to me!!

I did do a little crocheting while I was there. I made a few squares for Eden’s Christmas blanket (planning to start early on these gifts this year), a dishcloth for my mom, and started one of those slouchy hair net things so I can put all my wet hair in it while it dries. Again, didn’t take a picture of the dishcloth (only completed project) because I always forget to before giving gifts away. Oh well. It’s square, and pink and white. I’m sure you can imagine what it looks like in your minds.

But I think I’m going to go try to finish my hair net while watching the Harry Potter series. I got a craving to watch the movies today. Not planning on watching them all but I’ll try!


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