Vacation starts tomorrow

So this time tomorrow I will be on a train headed home 🙂 I always go home in April because by this time all the snow’s cleared and I’m able to. It’s sad that I miss out on Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family but you do NOT want to cross the mountains of Pennsylvania when there’s snow on the ground. Hellooo ice! So we exchange our gifts now and have the big holiday meal too. It’s a fun time. I also try to get out during the summer at some point or one or more of them try to come out here. This way we get to see each other at least twice a year. Being 4.5 hours away is a real bummer but what are ya gonna do right?

I’m super excited for this trip because of several reasons. 1: I get to see my family! duh. 2: It’s the first time seeing my 19 year old sister M after her car accident back in one of the fall months. Before you ask she’s fine. Hit a truck but she only had a broken ankle. 3: I get to meet my cousin A’s new baby girl L!! The last time I saw A was during her baby shower back in July! So I’m super excited for that. I love babies and I have a present for her too! That sun hat I mentioned a few days ago. 4: My mom’s given me permission to use her kitchen! I’ve been wanting to experiment with some recipes from our heritage from her side (my parents are split) so this will be perfect! I’ve gathered some Ukrainian, Irish, and German recipes that I can’t wait to make with them. … I think that’s about it. I have lots of family to see so I hope I’m able to see almost everyone.

With all that said, sadly I will not be making any posts for the next two weeks. Sad I know but I don’t see my family often so when I’m there I don’t want to take time away to update ANYTHING! That means I won’t be on Facebook either! Crazy I know right?! Maybe I’ll get used to it and won’t be on there as often? … Nah probably not.

Well I guess I better pack!


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