Infant sunhat

Last night I finished another project. This one is the first finished of my 5 Pay it Forwards that I’m doing. My cousin A signed up for it and asked that her gift be for her new daughter L instead. I said no problem! I do love making baby things. I have been wanting to make a sunhat for her for a while now so I thought this would be perfect! I found a free pattern while browsing Ravelry and fell in love. So I grabbed some Lily Cream n Sugar yarn that I had laying around from a previous project and got to work. One day later it was completed! Little baby L is 7 months old but I made it a little bigger so that it will hopefully fit her throughout the whole summer. She’s also a fast growing baby and I didn’t want her to outgrow it too early in the season (it’s still only in the 40s!)

I’m not going to take any pictures now only because I’ll be seeing her in a week or so and will then have an adorable model as well! So when I come back from visiting home I’ll have pictures and more details about the hat! 🙂


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