Pay It Forward Update

So I’ve been working on the same little faceless guy all week. I’m just a tad bit frustrated with how this guys been working up. The head/body was really simple actually. And I learned a new technique to making a flatter bottom. Do a round in the front loops only and then a round in the back loops only. Then continue decreasing to close it up. That was pretty awesome. And the lady who made the pattern suggested un-popped pop corn kernels for the bottom to keep it more balanced. Genius!

That’s all the good things I can say so far. I must have put too much stuffing in the head because it won’t sit shut completely (you all will see when he’s finished). That makes me sad because then you’ll be able to see the mouth before opening it and it won’t be a surprise anymore. I guess I’m just going to have to live with it because what am I gonna do? Use tweezers and unstuff the head? Eh no.

And then came the part that I DREAD the most about ami’s. Sewing. I have to cut out red felt, sew that in the mouth. Cut out white teeth, sew those in the mouth. Lots of them. And then cut out his white “face”, embroider that, then sew it on. I’m more than halfway done the mouth and I had to take a break because of my poor fingers. I either need to learn how to sew better or get a thimble or something. My poor fingers.

But, alas, he must be done by tomorrow! That’s when E is coming over. I want it ready to give to her in person so I don’t have to mail him. Because honestly I don’t know when we’ll get together next. Fingers crossed I finish him on time!


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