Pay It Forward

In the beginning of February I signed up for a pay it forward deal. I asked my one friend L for a gift in exchange for giving out 5 gifts of my own. Within minutes I had 5 friends who had signed up for the same deal. I only decided to do this because I would have all year to make the gifts. Any one who knows me knows that I’m not very good at finishing gifts on time. So this would be the perfect thing for me.

I’m going to see my best friend E this weekend. I plan on making her a few amigurumis with Studio Ghibli inspiration. The goal is to finish the two free patterns that I found. If I finish any it will probably just be one. I hate all the sewing amigurumis entail so I tend to put all that off.

I’m also going to be seeing my cousin A next month. She asked that her gift be for her daughter L. I said no problem. I love making little baby things. I made her a ton of hats for the baby shower but she’s totally outgrown them already! So I plan to make her a few sun hats for the coming warmth.

I’ll be back later this week to update on the amigurumis!


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