Wedding Gift

So the past three days I have been working on a wedding gift. I used one of Lion Brands patterns. I don’t want to post pictures or anything until it’s been given (in a week!). but I did use a 15.75mm hook.


How crazy is that guy?! The purple hook is my most used. He’s only 5.00mm.

Now, I’ve made this before (also as a wedding gift). I loved how quickly it worked up and how awesome it looked which is why I decided to use it again. That and I get a really big gift for only $18 worth of yarn. That’s my kind of bargain gift.

I’m going to be taking a little break from crocheting. The house REALLY needs to be cleaned. I’m talking deep cleanse, not the everyday stuff. If I work on anything it’ll be Red Heart’s CAL or the blanket for myself that’s going on 6 years in the making. Hey, my stuff gets put on the back burner when something else catches my eye. What can I say?

Til next time..


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